Fee on Automobile Batteries Could Pay for Lead Cleanup

EGPNews – A California bill aimed at funding the cleanup of lead-contaminated communities like those surrounding the now-shuttered Exide battery recycling plant, could soon require consumers and manufactures to each pay a $1 fee for every lead-acid car battery sold in the state.

Under the Lead Acid Battery Recycling Act (AB 2153)—approved by the State Assembly last Friday—monies collected would be deposited into a fund to pay for cleanup efforts like those currently underway in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, Commerce, Maywood and Huntington Park, where as many as 10,000 homes may have been contaminated by the former lead smelter. Exposure to lead has been liked to cancer, birth defects and cognitive development issues in children, pregnant women and the elderly.

“The State Assembly is sending a clear message to residents in the affected communities that they do matter and we will no longer let them sit on poisoned soil,” the bill’s author Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia said.

For years, Exide Technologies recycled hundreds of lead-acid car batteries at its Vernon site, amassing dozens of hazardous waste violations in the process. One of just two such facilities west of the Rockies, Exide was found to have emitted emissions of arsenic and lead into the air and soil, exposing 110,000 east and southeast residents to cancer-causing toxins.

Click here to read the full story.


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